Noche Peruana en Mio

This past weekend Courtney and I went downtown to spend some time with my brother Miki. He was part of an event being held at a popular restaurant on Vermont Ave, Mio, to celebrate Peruvian food, drink and art.

Willy Gonzales (left) and his "Crocantes"

Willy Gonzales (left) and his "Crocantes"

The restaurant holds a regular event in which they invite and feature a Latin American Chef. This time around they chose Guillermo (Willy) González Arica (above) and seus chef Dr. Elmer Huerta, former president of the American Cancer Society, to whip up a series of tasty peruvian dishes. In addition, the event featured a great selection of Pisco cocktails made with Machu Pisco, a brand that has made it’s way into virtually every liquor store in the Metro Area.

Here’s an article that popped up on the web the day after:

La cocina peruana seduce a la capital estadounidense.

Ariana, Year 5

Every year for the past 5, around this time, I sit down at my computer and go through all of the pictures I took of my daughter, Ariana, and put together an iPhoto book that documents her growth.

I do it mostly for her so that as she grows up she has a visual record of her experiences. I also do it because it is a wonderful gift for both grandmas – they love it.

If you’re interested, here is the 2009 edition of Ariana’s Book (24.5 MB pdf) and 2008 edition of Ariana’s Book (22.5 MB pdf).

This year I aslo created a second book, one made of entirely of shakes. Shakes are pictures I take with my iPhone that have an old Polaroid look and feel. You can preview AriShakes at

Spooky – aka: CacaBoy, Sr. Conchudo, Mr. Big Head…

Spooky leaning...Hard to believe, but Spooky has been with us for nearly 16 years – almost as long as Courtney and I have been married. We got him for $40.00 in Lancaster PA at an Amish farm, the puppy in the back that was “spooked” by the visitors. It was love at first sight. He’s been such a companion and friend. Still kicking though – not as hard, but still full of life…

Sunday at the Park

This past Sunday Ari and I headed out to DC to visit uncle Miki. We spend a little time with him at a park across the street from his apartment, here’s a handful of shots from our nice walk

Mi Viejo

Here’s a recent picture of my dad. Wish I could say I took the shot (I love it) but I didn’t, my niece did. She is following in her god father’s (that would be me) footsteps and has taken a knack for photography – leave some coments on her stream, she’ll appreciate them…

Mi Viejo, look familiar?