The Arsenal of Democracy

I had a chance to head over to the banks of the Potomac River this Friday to shoot the Arsenal of Democracy Flyover.

I wished that the planes would have actually flown a little lower 
but I still managed to get a few quality shots of the vintage planes in action. These are a handful of the images I grabbed this day.

Kyle Beckerman, RSL Captain, accepts the MLS Cup 2009 Trophy.

MLS Cup 2009

Kyle Beckerman, RSL Captain, accepts the MLS Cup 2009 Trophy.

Kyle Beckerman, RSL Captain, accepts the MLS Cup 2009 Trophy.

Just got back (well last night) from Seattle Washington, where I spent the better part of the last four days and where I had the opportunity to shoot the MLS Cup.

This is my 7th time shooting the event, and each time it gets better then the last. There’s always something to see, and whether you enjoy watching football, shooting sporting events or browsing Flickr for shots of the event while you dabble in a bit of party poker, it’s clear to see that there is no end of exciting events taking place.

By far the most incredible part of the whole event was actually sitting field side and listening to the Seattle Sounder Fans chant in unison as the league honored their team. I can’t tell you how amazing the 46,000+ people chanting at once sounded – they were phenomenal.

Other highlights of the trip included meeting some amazing people, including MLS Commentator Brian Dunseth – former MLS player. I also got to hook up it the usual suspects, my buddy Matt Mathai, fellow photographers Andy Mead and Scott Bales and a slew of other people.

You can check out the pictures I shot from the event at Your Sport Shooter. I’ll soon have a selected bunch up here for you to enjoy as well.

Cavalia Fun, hanging with Mr. Duvall…

Had a chance to go see Cavalia’s premier on Tuesday night with Ari. Lots of fun. Quite the show as well – amazing what some of those performers/athletes can do and how they get the horses to do what they do – and without any whipping or forcefulness.

After the show we had a chance to go visit with the performers and some of the show staff. In addition to meeting Normand Latourell (Cavalia’s artistic director – and founder of Cirque du’ Solei) I also got to meet and mingle with Robert Duvall. Finally, all those years I spent at Equus and Polo Magazines paid off – as I was able to have a nice conversation with the man.

I am fortunate in that I know Matt Amodeo of Publicity Matters so I basically got a nice (partial) stable tour alongside Robert Duvall and his wife Luciana.

Here’s a picture that popped up in the internet from the event – so you now I’m not making it up…

Robert Duval at CavaliaRobert Duval at Cavalia; I’m the dork on the right, My buddy Matt is the other Dork string at the camera 😉

Cavalia Photos

Oscar winning Actor and Equine Aficionado Robert Duvall attended the 2009 Premier of Cavalia in Arlington, VA on September 15, 2009.