DoDEA Teacher of The Year

I recently went on assignment to Quantico Marine Corps Base to spend part of the day and photograph the 2015-16 DoDEA Teacher of the Year, Mary Hansen, and her students. The shoot took place at one of DoDEA’s newest Schools, Crossroads Elementary.

These shoots are always fun. I get to interact with the children of our military personnel and the teachers trusted with their education – it’s like a day off from work.

These are a handful of the shots I got that day. The complete library is available on DoDEA’s official Flickr page.

Bob Hope Shakes

Today I had the opportunity to tour the USNS Bob Hope, a 900+ foot cargo vessel run by civilians for the US Navy. The ship was huge, but rather than look at it as a whole I chose to shoot some of the finer details I found as I walked its decks. Here are a few selected “shakes” (polaroid like images shot with my iPhone) of those details…

Kubota Abstractions

I was digging through some archives and found these old pictures from around Y2k. I shot these on an old Olympus camera I had with black and white film. They are details of a small Kubota Earth move. The last two in the set are images of high tension wires that keep a large radio tower standing.

40th Infantry Jazz Band

Here’s another set of photos I shot during my week in California. The 40th INfantry Jazz Band stopped by to provide some entertainment to the conference I was attending…

LA Dancers

I spent the last week in LA at a conference for work and had a few photo ops, including this short session with a group of kids that were in LA for the AnimeExpo and who were enjoying the Westin Bonaventure’s Pool Deck and glorious weather to do some dancing. Here’s a handful of shots I grabbed.