Cavalia Fun, hanging with Mr. Duvall…

Had a chance to go see Cavalia’s premier on Tuesday night with Ari. Lots of fun. Quite the show as well – amazing what some of those performers/athletes can do and how they get the horses to do what they do – and without any whipping or forcefulness.

After the show we had a chance to go visit with the performers and some of the show staff. In addition to meeting Normand Latourell (Cavalia’s artistic director – and founder of Cirque du’ Solei) I also got to meet and mingle with Robert Duvall. Finally, all those years I spent at Equus and Polo Magazines paid off – as I was able to have a nice conversation with the man.

I am fortunate in that I know Matt Amodeo of Publicity Matters so I basically got a nice (partial) stable tour alongside Robert Duvall and his wife Luciana.

Here’s a picture that popped up in the internet from the event – so you now I’m not making it up…

Robert Duval at CavaliaRobert Duval at Cavalia; I’m the dork on the right, My buddy Matt is the other Dork string at the camera ;-)
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