ContourHD Mounting Options

Over the course of the past couple of weeks I have been experimenting with various mounting options for my CountourHD POV camera. While the mounting brackets that are provided with the camera are good, they really don’t offer the stability and flexibility needed for off-road cycling. Bellow is a short video with the tools, sample riding footage and my final verdict…

UPDATE: Since putting together this video I went out and got a couple of additional items to make the bike mount far more stable and light. WHile you still can use the SuperClamp for large diameter tubes, you can get away with the much lighter nanoClamp; Both will give you very stable mounting options; As mentioned in the video, I would refrain from using the magic arm unless you are riding on very smooth terrain. The combination of the super or nano clamps, along with the micro ball head and the universal mount adapter will give you a wide array of mounting options and angles. See the pictures below for the individual items. I have also created a wish list on BH so you can quickly order these for yourself. Note: you don;t need all the items in the wish list – just make sure you get one of the clamps and the ballhead. If you get the micro clamp you will also need to get the Universal Short Spigot.

All of the items mentioned here are available commercially and will provide some serious flexibility.

ContourHD Universal Mount Adapter

Super Calmp with Stud

Nano Clamp

Micro Ball head

Variable Friction Magic Arm

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