DINFOS Photography Workshop

Well, it’s come and gone….

The much anticipated photography workshop I attended last week in the southern suburbs of Baltimore Maryland came and went in a blur. It was a phenomenal experience I hope to repeat at least one more time.

The camaraderie, input and access to some of the best in the photojournalism business was second to none. I was lucky to have my portfolio reviewed by Bill Frakes and Eli Reed among others. Their input was invaluable and I soaked up as much of their advice as humanly possible.

I really didn’t know what to expect, but shortly upon arrival I was assigned to team two, led by Earnie Grafton of the San Diego Union Tribune and Air Force Photographer Jeremy Lock. I know the experience would be something else once I spent 10 minutes with these two guys.

Immediately they made our team feel comfortable and reassured us that they were there to make sure that our experience would be as fruitful and positive as possible. “You’re here to get better, and we will help you do that.”

We reviewed portfolios and shortly after were assigned an assignment we would cover for nearly three days. In my case, I got the National Mall.

So, for the next two and a half days I spent my time walking up and down the mall trying to make connections with people and trying to find “moments” in time that could capture the essence of what the National Mall was all about.

Here are my final 10 images from the workshop, hope you enjoy them.

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