PW Fire


A few of years ago while driving on Minnivielle Rd I noticed a plume of dark smoke coming from one of my neighboring sub developments. I decided to follow it and check it out. I arrived in concert with the Lake Ridge Fire Department to the scene of a pretty intense house fire.

I hurried to the house with my camera only to find out that I didn’t have a compact flash card on me (ugh!). So, I sped to the loval CVS and bought one and hurried back to the scene. I managed to snap a whole bunch of photos, four of whcih ended up in the next day’s edition of the Washington Post – I’ll dig up that page scan one of these days. Here’s the pictures that made the print edition.

Lesson learned: ALWAYS have a camera and most importantly (FILM!) a card so you can actually shoot some pictures. The images I missed because I didn’t have a card on me were far more dramatic than these…

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