A Walk through Lima, North to South

I recently spent a few days in Lima, Peru and had a chance to take a long walk with my photographer brother in-law from the center of Lima to the Miraflores District – roughly 4 miles through some of the streets and parks that are along the way.

The purpose of the walk? to do some sightseeing and to shoot some pictures along the way. But not of sights, instead of people I met. This time around I focused, no pun intended, on using my Polaroid instant camera. Getting some “instant” shots meant I could, at the very least, show the pics to the people I met along the way. Below are 8 images I selected, in order from start to finish, along with a small anecdote to let you know a little about the person.


I met Kelly in the gift shop of the Museo de Arte by Plaza Grau – just as you enter Lima’s center. She was impressed by my Camera, and even more so when I clicked the shutter and the picture came right out. Amazing, no? everyone is so used to digital cameras now, yet some younger people are oblivious to the technology that existed before – she thought it was the coolest thing to see the picture appear before her eyes. I think so too…


I met this group next to the “Pabellón morisco” in the “Parque de la Exposición”. They had just left class and were enjoying the glorious weather singing tunes by Los Enanitos Verdes, they obliged and allowed me to shoot a few pics of them.


Samantha was the only girl in the group of “singers” above, behind her is the “Pabellón Morsico“.

Chips = Serenazgo

Fran, from Lima’s Sernzago was observing traffic on “El Paseo De la Republica – or better known as “El Zanjon” (the big ditch). His motorcycle is off to the right and not pictured. Over the years lots of men like Fran have emerged and keep traffic and order around a capital that didn’t know any. 10 years ago I would have likely been mugged within two blocks of starting my walk, but now, thanks to many men and women like Fran, walking in Lima is way safe.

El Sr. Frias

Sr. Frias
A block or so from “Officer” Fran we ran into El Sr. Frias who was taking a well deserved break. Frias is a furniture maker and he had several of his (very heavy) pieces strapped to a trike. “I’ve only been out since 11 he said – the hard part is pulling this thing uphill, but now it’s not so bad – I just sold a couple of pieces, so the load is lighter.” And then, with a quick smile and goodbye he dashed off pulling the furniture away…

Doña Pancha

Doña Pancha
When I was a kid my parents used to take me to the National Stadium to eat anticuchos. Doña Pancha; Those days are long gone, but the stands where women like Doña Pancha used to make the tasty grilled skewrs stand. Today Doña Pancha and countless other cooks, prepare lunch for all the flower handlers that work around the block.

El Kiosko de la Sra. Paulina

El Kiosko de la Sra. Paulina
She had enough room to sit and barely space to move around. She was, as you can see, surrounded by countless bags of snacks, chocolates and other goodies. La Sra. Paulina dind’t let me take her picture until she took her glasses off and padded her face a bit. I told her either way she looked great – she blushed. I returned the picture favor by buying some of my favorites – Galletas Chaplin


The walk ended much like it started. After a 4 miles I ended up with my dad at Larco Mar – we had to park the car while we picked up some gifts for friends back in the states. Again, like Kelly, Isabel was mesmerized by the Polaroid camera. I obliged and took her pic. We both watched in awe as it appeared before our eyes…


A small collection of mosaic details from the walls of “El Parque del Amor” in Miraflores, Lima, Peru

Vida en Estera, and more…

Here’s a batch of pictures from a recent trip to Viñak, a small town in the mountains of Lima Peru, nearly 13k feet up in the Andes.

Mi Viejo

Here’s a recent picture of my dad. Wish I could say I took the shot (I love it) but I didn’t, my niece did. She is following in her god father’s (that would be me) footsteps and has taken a knack for photography – leave some coments on her stream, she’ll appreciate them…

Mi Viejo, look familiar?

“Vida en estera”

Over 40 years weaving sharp estera walls in the outskirts of Lima, Peru have left this man's hands and face marked with the burden of hard work.

Over 40 years weaving sharp estera walls in the outskirts of Lima, Peru have left this man’s hands and face marked with the burden of hard work.

I’m finally getting around to getting my stuff together, and foremost on my list is digging through my archive of photos and making some sense out of them. I have already started uploading Ariana’s set to flickr, unfortunately not all in hi res, but still creating an nice archive of her pics.

Today I dug this one up from my photoshelter archive and sent it over to JPG Magazine and submitted it for an upcoming feature. Users decide which photos get published, so, please, stop by and comment and give some props (VOTE FOR) to my image, hopefully it makes it into their next issue.

As time permits I will be adding more to my jpg and flickr archives.

JPG Magazine: Photos: “Vida en estera” by Martin Fernandez